Natalia & Nathan

“A breathtaking display of hundreds of candles and a silver ceiling showcasing inverted palm trees”

Juliana & Roger

“Stunning pink tree structures with big leaves were placed around the venue”

South of France

Our goal was to create an elegant and dramatic ambiance, which was easy to do in such a magical place.

Pauline & Elijah

“Everything was white, from the tall flower arrangements to the intricate latticework inspired in Middle Eastern architecture”

Ana Julia & Alejandro

“The Ceremony was held on the beach, overlooking the sea — big daisies and crystal pillars contrasted with the ocean view”

Flower Forest

“Inspired by architecture and nature, we built a mirror tunnel at the entrance of Hotel Rosewood in San Miguel de Allende”

The Breakers

“Three giant trees stood magnificently at the back of the ceremony; and a white floral waterfall fell from the front”


“The idea for this event was to create a luxurious circus experience inspired in Dior”

Dancing Lights

“This wedding’s decoration was both modern and romantic. Inspired by the movement of waves and nature”


“Numerous candles served as an aisle to walk to the beach, where the reception was held”