Dani & Alberto


Nestled within the embrace of Valle de Bravo’s serene landscape, a celebration of love unfolded, intertwining the eternal whispers of earth’s hues with the elegant alchemy of affection. Here, amid the subtle luxury of neutral colors and nature’s textured tapestry, the air was alive with the promise of unity and the strength of ancient ground beneath us. The ceremony’s altar, a tribute to brutalist simplicity, arched towards the heavens in three curved structures—an architectural embodiment of unity and devotion, a sanctuary for two souls coming together in harmony+.

As the sun cast its golden hour glow, the floral arrangements whispered tales of a desert reimagined—dried blooms and sculptural botanicals in earth tones, with hints of lavender and soft gold. Each piece, a still-life echo of the landscape’s quiet majesty, formed a dance of light and shadow across furniture of varying heights, like the undulating silhouette of the land itself. These elements, each chosen with care, were more than decor; they were the silent narrators of the day, each curve, each line, a verse in the story of two souls entwined. This was not merely a wedding; it was a return to our truest selves, a creative crucible set against the raw beauty of Valle de Bravo, where every moment was an opportunity to connect, deeply and truly, with the essence of life and love.

“The air was alive with the promise of unity and the strength of ancient ground beneath us.”

… The ceremony's altar, a tribute to brutalist simplicity …


As twilight descended over Valle de Bravo, the reception unfolded beneath a sky transitioning from daylight’s clarity to the evening’s first blush. Wooden tables, artfully arranged, mirrored the scattered constellations above, their round and rectangular forms a terrestrial reflection of the night’s impending canvas. Stone hues dominated the scene, their earthen grace a grounding presence amidst the revelry. Amid the conviviality, grand structures reminiscent of ancient mushrooms rose. These were not mere decorations but symbols, a silent homage to the revered fungi kingdom—earth’s original network, a sacred medicine whispered through the ages, now standing as guardians of our communion.

Above us, a canopy of natural fabric stretched, weaving through the wooden bones of our shelter. It was a breathable sky unto itself, sheltering us from the sun’s embrace, moving with the gentle rhythm of the breeze—each billow a soft sigh of the Earth.Here, sophistication met soulful warmth, creating an intimate enclave where every guest was a long-known friend. This was a space where the spirit of the landscape met the human touch, a place where energy flowed as freely as conversation, where every laugh, every shared glance, was an affirmation of life’s interconnected dance. In this enchanting nook of Valle de Bravo, sophistication didn’t stand aloof but walked hand in hand with intimacy, inviting each soul to immerse fully, to drink deeply from the well of shared human experience.