Vashuda & Ishan


A lakeside dream. Rajasthan’s exquisite Trident Hotel Udaipur became the perfect beige and white background for an unforgettable wedding, where guests colored the landscape through their vibrant garments.

It was an event full of artsy dishes, innovative drinks and mehndi, an Indian practice in which women get their hands and arms decorated with traditional temporary designs in henna.

Three-dimensional triangular structures of white cotton looms and a variety of textures —such as marble tables, floral centerpieces and wooden benches— created a magical atmosphere fit for a royal event.

The spirit of celebration was ignited on the dance floor —finished with an epoxy paint effect in green, blue and beige—, where guests gathered on a journey of music and movement.

“where guests colored the landscape through their vibrant garments.It was an event full of artsy dishes, innovative drinks and mehndi”


It all began at the heart of The Leela Palace Udaipur, where guests embarked on electric boats to join Vashuda and Ishan, the stars of a Bollywood-themed event to celebrate their love story.

Friends and family enlivened the atmosphere through various choreographies performed on the dancefloor, accompanied by the rhythms of disco music and the sparkle of the vibrant lighting design.

We all immersed ourselves in the energy of the night with the eclectic sounds of Desmadre Orkesta, an itinerant group with roots in Argentina.


Golden like the sun. As this couple began a new chapter in life, Indian tradition paved the way for their love story with two ceremonies: the choora and haldi, both meant to bring prosperity, health, and happiness in the marriage.

The Trident Hotel Udaipur became the sanctuary where the bride celebrated the choora – a ritual believed to bring prosperity, good health, and fortune in her married life – surrounded by liveliness, songs, and dance.

It was an emotional moment where family members shared their blessings. At the same time, the haldi took place at The Leela Palace Udaipur, a ceremony in which a special mixture of turmeric, rose water, and other spices is applied to the body to ward off evil spirits and safeguard the couple from any negative omens.

… It was an emotional moment where family members shared their blessings …


Writing an everlasting message. The journey continued with the Varmala, a traditional ceremony where the groom and bride exchange colorful garlands as a symbol of stepping into their new lives.

Surrounded by the scent of hundreds of floral arrangements and a breathtaking view of the lake, the ritual continued with family and close friends as witnesses, a moment guarded by the spirit of intimacy and togetherness.

This story of connection and late-night magic turned into a feast of flavors, aromas, and discoveries.

The vibrational, rhythmic, and energetic sounds of Andrea Brook added to the pleasant moment to honor this marriage.