Bar Mitzvah Meir

“This Bar Mitzvah bridges tradition and a new stage, connecting past and present with contemporary flair”

Marina & Pieter

“A gathering blends Spanish tradition with modern passion.”

Luisa & George

“Palm trees standing like silent witness and the dense jungle holding the secrets of ancient civilizations.”

Mariel & Mau

“Nestled in a secluded corner near the vibrant center of San Miguel de Allende, a spark is set to kindle a blessed union.”

Anya & Samuel

“At the heart of lush verdure, where nature’s whispers weave ancient tales, the stage for a wedding ceremony rises”

Landing On Mars

“The theme was no less than a fantastical landing on Mars, a venture into the cosmos right here on Earth.”

Miami Art Week

“Inspired by the amazement that irradiated from the nebulas in the Universe and the mystery of its energy”

David & Jake

“As dusk casts its golden hue, David and Jake enter this sanctuary for their rehearsal dinner”

Ana Guadalupe & Alvaro

“In this hallowed union, the sultry allure of the Mexican wilderness whispers softly, painting every corner with the warm, neutral hues of earth and sky”

Iris & Isaac

“An architectural fantasy, crafted through light installations, became the perfect setting to narrate this tale of magic”