Iris & Isaac

“An architectural fantasy, crafted through light installations, became the perfect setting to narrate this tale of magic”

Ibiza Cosmic Nights

“This was more than a party; it was an immersive experience that seeped into the senses.”

Ashley & Brian

“Contoured by hundreds of stunning, bushy arrangements of white hydrangeas and poppies”

Ady & Jordan

“If looked from above, the party resembled a traditional celebration in Middle Eastern terrain, with arid mountains around, simple decoration and fireplaces”

Vashuda & Ishad

“where guests colored the landscape through their vibrant garments.It was an event full of artsy dishes, innovative drinks and mehndi”

Martha & Sebastian

“The path to the altar was aligned with the balance of nature and universe, immersed in a space of vibrant colors”


“As if in a dream Versailles gardens were overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the ceremony took place”

Natalia & Nathan

“A breathtaking display of hundreds of candles and a silver ceiling showcasing inverted palm trees”

Juliana & Roger

“Stunning pink tree structures with big leaves were placed around the venue”

South of France

Our goal was to create an elegant and dramatic ambiance, which was easy to do in such a magical place.