Miami Art Week

“Inspired by the amazement that irradiated from the nebulas in the Universe and the mystery of its energy”

El Salón del Trono

In the midst of a land pulsating with the subtle energy of the unexplored, a garden emerges. It is not a refuge of fantasy but a living laboratory of wonders unfolding through science and advanced biology. In this space, magic is not a metaphor but a physical, chemical, and visual reality that unfolds in real-time. […]

The Science of Levitation

A portal through which we contemplate the boundless possibility of shedding our earthly vessels…


Antipodes evokes a nostalgic feeling of an ancient synergy between humans and rocks.

Acento Latino

Showing complex and unfathomable pieces; created with natural resources, oriented to organic forms…


A fully immersive exhibition of sculptural design from Latin America, took place in Mexico City on February 2022 for Mexico City’s Art Week. Coinciding with Zona Maco, the exhibition spotlights the new generation of Latin American designers, hailing from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic, in dialogue with leading designers […]


It is a way of life that emphasizes a deep respect for nature and the interconnectedness of all things.

Drops Of Jupiter

A whimsical and enchanting house with a concept that draws its inspiration from the mysteries of the cosmos.


A harmonious fusion of contemporary design and authentic French cuisine.

Bagatelle Beach Club

This beach club weaves a tapestry of inspiration drawn from the boundless sea and sky.