La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose

If we had to sum up this wedding with just one word, it would be “heavenly”. But instead of clouds, there were flowers — thousands of them!

It took place at gorgeous Jardín Cedros in Mexico City. During the ceremony, the bride and groom walked the aisle under several arches composed of light pink and white flowers, followed by interlaced white ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Each line of seats for the guests was decorated with a flower arrangement of white and pink roses and white candles. 

For the reception, we built something more impressive than the flower arches at the ceremony: a thick dome and a bulky spiral, both made of the same white and light pink flowers. The room was also embellished by fine crystal candelabra. 

Guests sat at elegant, long mirror tables with flower arrangements as decoration. They enjoyed an exquisite banquette by Vicky Cherem and regaled themselves with sweets by Postres Bombón.

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