A fairy tale that unfolded over the course of four days gathered guests to celebrate the union between Chelsea and Jason’s souls at the paradisiacal Punta Mita, Mexico.

The first event was a Shabbat characterized by a bohemian-jungle aura, during which guests were enthralled by an abundance of tropical fruits, such as plantain, jackfruit, watermelon and nectarines. The flower arrangements that served as centerpieces included proteas, orchids and carnations, ranging in colors from burgundy to soft pink to white. At the tables, there were also amber crystal chalices and candles in vibrant colors made of an intricate wax-carving that took the shape of flowers. 

For this day, we built a wooden deck on top of which we set up different ambiances. At the entrance stood animal mannequins portraying giraffes, elephants, zebras and exotic birds, accompanied by a leafy background composed of an assortment of tropical plants. Animal print carpets of various types were scattered over the floor. From the ceiling hung creamy bohemian lampshades and disco balls that reflected the sunset, and later, the party lights. The evening unfolded with the soothing crepuscular waves underneath the guests’ feet. 

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