Beach Party


Beach Party

This outdoor Jewish wedding ceremony took place during sunset at the shore of Puerto Vallarta, with a mirrored floor that reflected the sky and an intricate mesh structure that lit up, as well as a hanging garden. Huge bouquets of white roses contoured the aisle that the couple walked while their friends and family swooned from the elegant white chairs placed facing towards the sea.

After the service, there was a luxury party. The newly-weds entered through an ice-liked tunnel. Guests sat under a mesh of vines and a ribbon-like ornament while they regaled with a banquet by Vicky Cherem, accompanied with refreshing drinks. Decoration consisted of dazzling big vases with overflowing white roses and dimmed lights. Violinist Pontier and DJ Alan were in charge of the music.

During Shabbat, there was a small family gathering at a private house overlooking the sea. 

Then, there was a beach party at an exclusive club where people enjoyed an assortment of delicious vegetables and fresh nigiris. This peaceful and relaxing spot was further embellished with centerpieces of various elements made of straw, accompanied by red calla lilies.

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