The Breakers


The Breakers

In collaboration with Tantawan Bloom, our team made brilliant use of flowers. The entrance of The Breakers, in Miami, was roofed with three arcs covered in foliage and white and pink flowers, decorated with giant baroque vases of white and blush roses; green foliage, gypsophila and roses, along with silver balls of different sizes, hung from the ceiling; three giant gypsophilia trees stood magnificently at the back of the ceremony; and a white floral waterfall fell from the front of the main table. In addition to flowers, we used details in green, white, silver, pink and rose gold. We designed Ximena and Timo’s special weeding monogram in rose gold to contrast the white dance floor and carpet, and different colors of laser brightened the ceiling and dance floor. The tables, made of mirror, reflected the beauty of the centerpieces, consisting of white phalaenopsis orchids, touches of pink Cymbidium orchids, roses and candles. Guests were delighted with Carlos Vives’ performance, and regaled with a banquet by The Breakers.

Date September 26, 2019

Services Performance, Carlos Vives. Banquet, The Breakers.

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