This wedding’s location was the Rancho Las Sabinas in San Miguel de Allende. As an enchanted forest was the main concept, the colors present were green, ivory and baby rose. Guests entered the place through a tunnel made of green and dry foliage, pampass and cherry blossom. Cherry blossom trees served as centerpieces for the main tables, and scattered around the dance floor. There was a floating garden and lots of chandeliers and crystals above the dance floor. The bride and groom wanted their guests to have a great time by making a pool party:  there were giant cushions and low wooden tables around the pool, along with bohemian carpets and a giant ensemble of white balloons hanging from the house to the pool. The back wall of the main table was fully covered in green foliage and roses. DJ Juan Bagnis was in charge of making everyone dance. Guests enjoyed a banquet by I Latina and a junkbar by Timbal de Azúcar.

Date August 9, 2019

Services Music, DJ Juan Bagnis. Banquet, I Latina. Junk bar, Timbal de Azúcar.

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