Like a Circus


Like a Circus

Fun and sophistication met to celebrate these baptism! This unique event took place in Jardin Santa Fe, Mexico City. The idea for this event was to create a luxurious circus experience inspired in Dior. The entrance to the main room was decorated with a fake circus façade with the name Jesus at the top. There were different food carts painted in the colors of the event, as well as a ticket booth where performers handed fake tickets for the circus. The floor was decorated with diamond figures in red and white, and the columns were painted to match the white and light brown drapery used as a circus tent, which included an installation of Edison bulbs. Instead of flowers, this time the centerpieces consisted of different animals, as well as some other props like golden magic wands, fake popcorn, etc. Attendees enjoyed a candy bar by Timbal de Azúcar. As for entertainment, guests enjoyed Kapsula and a show by Circo Dragón.

Services Performance, Circo Dragón and Kapsula. Candy bar, Timbal de Azúcar.

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