Geometric forest


Geometric forest

A great event is worthy of a great entrance, such as a tunnel with foliage walls and white flowers hanging from the ceiling. The venue was transformed into a forest —a hanging green garden with white flowers and golden structures ran over the whole place, overflown with flowers, wooden logs and green foliage. The bride and groom sat in a long mirror table with a white floral waterfall and crystal chandeliers. Giant foliage trees, white roses, phalaenopsis orchids, dendrobium orchids, wooden logs, and white delphiniums were some of the materials used to build a variety of breathtaking centerpieces for the tables. The dance floor, with a white and black floral design and the bride and groom’s initials, was full of life with the presence of Ariel Rossini and DJ César Álvarez. Banquet by Santi Palacios. Junk bar by Mariana Alicedo.

Date August 9, 2019

Services Music, Ariel Rossini and DJ César Álvarez. Banquet, Santi Palacios. Junk bar, Mariana Alicedo.

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