Dreamy forest


Dreamy forest

This forest-inspired wedding was held in the WTC of Veracruz, Mexico. Illuminated tree structures were the highlight of the decoration. The first tree stood in the reception area, where the bride and groom greeted their guests, who then entered through two different tunnels: an L-shaped metal structure and a hexagonal mirror structure. Once inside, guests marveled at the ceiling, which was decorated with curved crystals and white ribbons with a flower tied around the lower end. The dance floor was rectangular, with a print of green and gold marble. Tree metal structures adorned with lamps, greenery and flowers afforested the whole place, as did a variety of flowers, such as white and pink lisianthus, cherry blossoms and phalaenopsis. Guests were regaled with an exquisite banquet by Magrett, and DJ Esquerro and Arcano were in charge of delighting and entertaining the guests’ ears.

Date July 19, 2019

Services Music, DJ Esquerro and Arcano. Banquet, Magrett.

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