This marvelous wedding took place in Playa Cocodrilo, Careyes, a private coast in Mexico’s Pacific Ocean.  We took advantage of this magical destination to create an ambiance with jungle vibes. In the middle of the dance floor, we hang up an architectonical volcano with disco balls, big wicker lamps and a variety of tropical fogliage. All over the place hung strings with a hundred candles. The main table was rectangular and made of wood, which we decorated with green foliage, a cascade of dendrobium and several candles. Tables for the guests were round and complimented with chairs covered in  grey linen cloths; centerpieces consisted of tropical foliage and candles. The artist that accompanied these jungle vibes was Vhelade, an Italian singer of Zairian descent. I, Latina was in charge of serving a delicious banquet.

Services Music, Vhelade. Banquet, I, Latina.

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