Careyes dream


Careyes dream

The setting: a legendary place that honors the union of man and woman as well as the groom’s family heritage. House of Kirschner captured mysticism and magic, blending jungle and desert with ultimate sophistication. We worked within a sea-swept color palette of sand, amber, jade, white and copper. Held within the giant sculpture of La Copa Del Sol, the ceremony was witnessed from above. So we created a carpet of palm leaves as a focal point for the couple to exchange vows. The celebration gave us the opportunity to reimagine tropical splendor with a hanging garden of palms, and full tall-and-short arrangements of tree trunks, palms, orchids, fox tails, fashioned with golden threads and adorned with mirror cubes. We custom-created hanging copper half-spheres containing disco balls, an entrance tunnel of mirrors, and long wooden tables with gold chairs dressed with sand fabric. Collaborating with Elias Sapien, we indulged guests with a fitting banquet for a momentous occasion. Dj Gio, Dj Alan, Arturo de la Torre & Brassarmada kept guests in the party spirit all night long.

Date August 18, 2018

Services Performance, Torre & Brassarmada. Music, DJ Gio and DJ Alan. Banquet, Elias Sapien.

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