Baby O


Baby O

Hotel Aqua, in Mexico City, was turned into the iconic nightclub Baby ‘O, located in Acapulco. The texturized rock walls simulated the original club and there was a replica of the real Baby ‘O façade, besides a scenography that simulated a street with hot-dogs and ice-cream carts, just like the nightlife areas in Acapulco! In order to succeed in turning the venue into the original Baby ‘O, we built a platform divided in three storeys, and installed two rock caves for the bars and other two for a section of high tables. The brown vinyl lounge sofas were almost identical to the furniture of the nightclub. Lunch was served at 2 p.m. Guests were surrounded by a balloon installation that consisted in a color gradation from transparent to black, with white, silver and gold in the middle. The same color gradation was present in the tables and chairs. Food consisted in a banquet by Santi Palacios and a cigar bar by Timbal de Azúcar. Inside the venue, we also recreated Baby ‘O’s small restaurant and served the same menu available at the nightclub. Later that evening, guests enjoyed a performance by the renowned band Los Ángeles Azules and Orchestra, followed by the mixes of DJ Luis, who actually works at Baby ‘O. Other important people from the Baby ‘O attended the party as well, such as Mamey and Barbarita. It all felt like an Acapulco getaway without leaving town!

Date August 1, 2019

Services Performance, Los Ángeles Azules. Music, DJ Luis. Banquet, Santi Palacios. Cigar bar, Timbal de Azúcar.

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