Alice in wonderland


Alice in wonderland

In this surprise party, Sira Pevida delved into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. And, of course, Wonderland is the most colorful place! We used mainly green, red, blue, orange and purple: we set up a hanging garden consisting of giant crystal candles, giant red and orange mushrooms, giant red flowers, antique books and lamps, giant rabbits made of foliage and branches over the grass. We made flower arrangements consisting of mini roses in colors orange, yellow, blush, and red, besides blue hydrangeas, green foliage, green moss, and purple wallflowers. Flower centerpieces were accompanied by vintage and pocket watches, poker cards, tall crystal candles, black and red candles, dishes, teapots, cups, chocolate mushrooms, mirrors, and antique books and lamps. For entertainment, there was a performance by Circo Dragón, and DJ César Álvarez was in charge of the music. Acrobats with costumes from Alice in Wonderland characters served champagne and did acrobatics during dinner. Guests were regaled with a banquet by Kohlmann and a candy bar inspired in Alice in Wonderland, which was prepared by Timbal de Azúcar. The afterparty, with a baroque concept, was inspired in Rasputin bar in Paris. For this, we set up red lights, chesterfield red sofas, black French tables, and a tall DJ booth with a red neon sign in the middle.

Date September 12, 2019

Services Performance, Circo Dragón. Music, DJ César Álvarez and DJ booth. Banquet, Kohlmann. Candy bar, Timbal de Azúcar.

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