Epic vision. Sublime reality.

House of Kirschner is an atelier that creates ephemera for luxurious events. Driven by founder, Mauricio Kirschner’s expertise as an architect and interior designer, we stand apart from the competition. Able to design and produce anything you could wish for, our unique constructions, furniture and design-ware, go far beyond mere marquees and flowers to celebrate the greatness of your happiness.

We deliver every dimension of magic anywhere on the map, no matter how blissfully remote or fashionable your destination. From Tulum to Boca Raton, St Barth’s to New York City—the team will meet your most exacting demands with inspired perfection.

While working for the highest aesthetics of design, decor, cuisine and entertainment is what drives us, we never forget where each creation starts: YOU. That means getting to know your personalities, dreams and desires. The result is your own immersive universe that turns a special celebration into exactly what it should be: Original and unforgettable.